Dr. Sadie Mestman and her friendly, talented, and qualified staff work enthusiastically to create and maintain a comfortable, convenient, safe dental office – an office with a welcoming, calming atmosphere. 

The Work of a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Dental hygienists are highly trained, college-educated health care providers specializing in the prevention and early detection of tooth and gum disease. They are qualified to perform examinations, remove calcified deposits, apply fluoride treatments, and educate patients in proper methods of dental hygiene. The work of dental hygienists is closely regulated with written examinations and licensing required in all states. 

The Work of a Dental Assistant (DA)

Our DA’s have many years of training and experience with dental procedures. They assist the dentist during tooth restorations. They are skilled in infection control procedures, maintaining supply inventories, and taking x-rays. The work and educational requirements of dental assistants is subject to state regulation and licensure.

Office Managers

  • Rosa, Michelle

Dental Assistants

  • Kathy, Christina, Fernanda


  • Claire, Dani, Karen, Lisa

Meet Dr. Sadie Mestman

Dr. Sadie Mestman
What to Do for Healthy Teeth: Easy to Read, Easy to Use - Ariella D. Herman
  • 1979 UCLA, Bachelor of Science in Psycho-Biology (BS)
  • 1983 University of Pennsylvania, Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)

Dr. Sadie Mestman has been in private practice in Beverly Hills since 1984. She has lectured for several years to the directors of Head Start in preventive care. She co-authored a book titled, “What to Do for Healthy Teeth” that has been used by thousands of Head Start families. The book is in two languages: Spanish and English. Her main focus is prevention and she believes in preventing dental disease from ever happening. Dr. Mestman was born at UCLA hospital and raised in Beverly Hills.

Professional Organizations

  • Member, American Dental Association
  • Member, California Dental Association
  • Member, Los Angeles Dental Society
  • Lecturer at UCLA to Head Start directors
  • Member of Mommy Dentists in Business 
  • Member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine 
  • American Board Dental Sleep Medicine Diplomate

AuthorSadie Mestman, DMD D-ABDSM
What to Do for Healthy Teeth,
Institute for Healthcare Advancement, 2006.
New York Times review

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