Sadie Mestman, D.M.D. Dentist

For Kids

I put this web site together mainly for the kids to visit this specific page. Children are less anxious if they can visualize what is going to happen and know what to expect. I feel children will be less afraid about visiting a dentist if they have choices. With choices comes the feeling of control. Please have them look at the different choices they will experience at my office!

I have the children call me Sadie or Dr. Sadie, not Dr. Mestman. The casualness may seem uncomfortable for some parents, but our main concern is the childrens' comfort and lack of fear.

Kids can be pretty scared of the surgical masks we wear. I have the children choose which 'costume' they want me to wear. Please have them click through the costumes so they know in advance what they can choose!

I used to get a lot of resistance when putting on the napkin clip with the bib. Soooo I have them choose which 'necklace' they want to wear!

Toothpaste to clean their teeth? They choose the flavor! We have: strawberry cream, vanilla cream, grape, cookie dough, bubble gum, chocolate, chocolate mint and cinnamon!

Toothbrush to clean their teeth? They choose which animal!

Gloves! The flavors they can choose are bubble gum, cherry, grape, orange-vanillla, and green-apple. If your child is allergic to latex, please let us know in advance, so that we can use latex-free gloves.

I have included a walking tour of my office. Please click on the photos so they can feel acclimated.

Thanks for visiting with your precious children!

Costume Choices

Necklace, toothbrush, and glove flavor choices

Office tour